Shariah Loan Advisory

SHARIAH Loan Advisory

Every Mumin believes that wealth, and everything else in the Universe, belongs to and comes from God. There are definite principles governing money and related issues as well. We technically call them shariah finance.

Allah has permitted trade and has forbidden interest (Riba). Surely, those who deal with interest cannot stand on the Day of Resurrection.

The universality of interest-based transactions and modern business models are real challenges. We need to be careful in choosing the Investment or Finance options. In India, mainstream traditional banks issue only interest-based loans/deposits. You need professionals’ help to deal in ethical business finance opportunities & Halal investments. There are only few Sharia complaint financial avenues in India.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says, make sure your income is Halal and pure if you wish your prayer to get accepted by Allah. Barakah (Abundance) comes only with halal ways.

Why Non-Islamic Finance bad for you?

• There may not be barakah

• The deprival of Allah’s blessing

• Your Prayers may not get answered

• You become hard-hearted and Cruel

• Very importantly, our sustenance only lies with Allah.

We are a boutique wealth advisory firm specialising in Sharia-compliant investments and Ethical funding (Interest-free loans). We take inputs from leading shariah advisory boards and reliable sources to evaluate options. Inshallah, we can help you achieve your financial goals.

To begin your shariah compliant finance journey, please call us at +91 90030 55599 or send an inquiry to

We provide only advisory services and put out variable halal options. We do not guarantee any loans (Ethical Funding) or ensure a profit or protect against loss on your investments.