Financial Planning for Doctors

Wealthtraits is a financial planning firm offering state of the art comprehensive financial solutions for Doctors - from lifestyle to retirement. We shall take care of your wealth and help you take informed financial decisions. This exclusive service helps individual physicians, dentists and other medical practitioners succeed in achieving their future financial goals in the highly competitive andregulated environment.

Doctors have a distinct disadvantage in meeting mid-life financial demands because of delayed entry into the workforce. Doctors are challenged to pay down hefty student loan debt while making up for the earning-time gap. They need expert financial advice to manage mid-life living expenses and avoid a major shortfall at retirement. Working with Wealthtraits, mid-career doctors can developdetailed cash-flow plans, formulate strategies to maximize post-tax returns on their investments andmonitor their continual progress.

Exclusive Financial Solutions for Practicing Doctors (Physician/Dentists)

  • Wealth Management
  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning
  • Professional Liability
  • Goals Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Debt Management
  • Vacation Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate (Succession) Planning

Here's what we'll Do When We Work Together

  • Shaping your finances and investments (Take Control of your Finance)
  • keeping your entire financial house in order
  • Protecting and enhancing your wealth (Let's make your hard earned money work for you)
  • Making smart decisions about your money
  • Minimizing or avoiding costly mistakes

Here's what we'll Do When We Work Together


Investment and Retirement Planning

  • What is the proper mix of investments for your unique situation?
  • How much risk should you take to achieve your long term financial goals?
  • How do you manage my investment portfolio?
  • How much money do you need to retire so you don't outlive your money?

Estate Planning

  • What documents do you need to protect your family and your assets?
  • How do you title your assets to efficiently transfer those assets to your loved ones?

Wealthtraits - Core Values


Bringing an order to your financial life on "macro" level (investments, insurance, retirement, education...) and "micro" level (cash flow: income, spending, savings, taxes)


Helping you follow through on financial commitments, working with you to prioritize goals, showing steps you need to take and regularly reviewing progress towards achieving your goals


Helping you avoid emotionally driven financial decisions, consult with you at key moments of decision-making, managing and disclosing any potential conflicts of interest


Anticipating life transitions, be prepared for them and devising an action plan to address them


Providing resources to help make your decisions, and explain options and risks of each choice


Collaborating with you in complete transparency and be your financial coach

Frquently Asked Question?

1. Do you feel like you've lost your hold in your profession?

2. Are you frustrated with the endless taxation paperwork?

3. Are you getting tired of being hectic and wish you could cut down on your workload if you had the financial means to do so?

4. Do you lack a clear direction in managing your investments and finances?

5. Do you think you are getting poor investment advice from your current financial advisor?

6. Do you think your advisor is not acting in your best interest, selling you expensive and inappropriate investment products?

7. Do you think the products your advisor recommends you are worthless and are aimed at getting exorbitant commissions for him?

8. Do you think your advisor has got the right expertise and experience required to understand your situation and guide you appropriately?

9. Do you have a clear plan in your hand which can give you clear direction on how you are about to achieve the various financial goals like your children's higher education, retirement and building an

10. Do you want to work with a financial planner who intimately understands your situation, who charges you fees directly, does not sell any financial or investment products, acts in your best interest, gives you objective advice, and has an investment philosophy that is based on research and analytics not on guesswork and speculation?

If your answer is Yes to any of those questions, then you ve come to the right place because we ;ve got solutions that will help professionals like you overcome your biggest personal financial and investment challenges.

So what next, Online scheduling simplifies things for you & me. Just fill up the free consultation form below and we'll discuss it to make your money work for you!

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