Complete Guide to Achieve Financial Freedom

Aug 15,2018

Whether you’re straight out of college, salaried individual or businessman, financial freedom is at the top of wish list. Money issues often lead to several sleepless nights. Financial freedom is an integral part of a well-planned life. It accommodates emergencies and life surprises with relative ease. For some, financial freedom could mean, the ability to retire early or to quit their desk job to follow their passion or as simple as being able to take their dream vacation without worrying about the cost. Some think Financial freedom means spending the way you want, whenever you want to.

Personal Finance and Women

July 30,2018

Every woman wants a smooth and secure life. But often, lives changes occur due to unforeseen and drastic reasons –effects of which may be life-altering. So, irrespective of the security of their life, you, as a woman, should at the very least, arm yourself with the necessary information and tools required to manage and run personal, as well as your family’s finances.

How to Break Free of Debt and Build Wealth!

July 23,2018

The modern world is seeing everyone in debt at some point or the other – be it for personal expenses or professional ones. Not only does the debt repayment compromises future financial needs, but it also mentality drains the individual. So, it’s only natural for you to find ways to get away from the debt trap. Here in this article, we aim to learn a few ways to break free of debt, and also how to build your wealth after or during the debt period:

10 proven Steps to Financial Security Before 30

July 12,2018

Start young, they say. Be it training a dog or cultivating good habits, the sooner you start, the easier it is. We start working from the early twenties. But what people entirely neglect at that age, is what they could do with all the money earned. The general spending pattern varies with each age group. Teenagers mostly spend their money as soon as they receive it. At parties, on trips with friends, on clothing, on gadgets; they will find a new vent every month to blow up cash on.Youngsters between the age of 20-30 years, mostly interested in buying their firsts.

How to teach your kids about the family finances?

Jun 29,2018

A few years back US Trust surveyed High Net worth Individuals, which reveals that 78% HNIs say, the next generation is not financially responsible enough to handle inheritance. How far their concern is important? Williams Group wealth consultancy reports, about 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation, and 90% by the third generation.

7 Most Important Things to Consider before Investing

Jun 23,2018

Let’s get one thing straight; your long-term financial goals such as owning a house, paying the college fees for your kids, or a nice retirement nest egg can be realised only through safe and prudent financial investments. Most experts would advise you to start investing early. Investing your hard earned money must be a carefully thought out process, and one needs to consider many things before they get down to it.

Pitfalls of Real Estate Investment

Jun 09,2018

Traditionally real estate has always been touted as the most prudent investment for people. We do believe that there are only advantages in investing in real estate and temporary cash flow issue. However, there are many pitfalls, and some may knock off your capital as well. High-yield real estate means investing in a property in a prime area. Again, there is nothing wrong with investing in a high-yield real estate project.

Financial Security of the Child in a remarriage

Jun 02,2018

Single parents today live in a world of insecurity. A few decades ago, a young widow or a divorcee wouldn’t find the society very forthcoming to support if she wished to marry but today that’s not the case. Divorces are happening all around us, and people are tying the knot for the second time hoping to the right the wrongs of their life.

Free Vs Paid Advisory

May 25,2018

Before we begin the argument, we need to understand a few things clearly. Advisory does not always mean piecemeal advisory ona part of personal finance like investment or insurance. On the contrary, holistic advisory covers key elements of personal finance such as Cash flow, risk profile identification,,risk management, portfolio construction based on suitable asset allocation, linking goals and finances, retirement, debt management...

Things you need to know about Demonetization in India

Nov 09,2016

The recent announcement of RBI to dis-continue 500 & 1000 Rupees notes has created restlessness among people, here are the few things you should know to prevent yourself from getting restless., here are the few things you should know to prevent yourself from getting restless.

Grave Financial Mistakes NRIs Make

Nov 09,2016

We go places to earn better and improve our lifestyle. Young Indiandiaspora who work on projects and employment abroad are growing, thanks to globalization. Professionals are making pretty decent income over there.When it comes to personal financial management

How Cost Matters to Get the Best Investment Returns

Nov 09,2016

The recent announcement of RBI to dis-continue 500 & 1000 Rupees notes has created restlessness among people, here are the few things you should know to prevent yourself from getting restless., here are the few things you should know to prevent yourself from getting restless.

6 Time Tested Money Management Tips New

Nov 09,2016

Write down Purpose of Investment, goals in Priority Order and yourmoney belief system. Write down the very purpose of your investment, time left and priority of your needs & Goals. And do not forget to write down your belief system on money and investment matters. This will clearly filter out aggressively marketed non suitable products.

What matters while investing?

Nov 09,2016

Imagine someone lends you money for peanuts (or) free for your business, feeling excited. Now rate that someone's investment acumen. Banks run the business by borrowing at lesser rate and lending at higher rate. In India Banks pay around 4% for SB accounts and No (0%) for Current Accounts. CASA ratio of a bank is the ratio of Deposits in current (CA) and saving (SB) accounts to total deposits.

Do you really need a Financial Plan?

Nov 09,2016

Its official, Money is the most stressful source of stress for American adults seven years in a row. It's no different in rest of the world as well. The irony is that two-thirds believe that more money would make them happier and only 30% are feeling secured financially. Schools and colleges teach us everything except for the stuff that we need the most in our life like "basic personal finance".

All about GST and it's Impact on you

Nov 09,2016

GST defined as any tax on supply of goods & Services other than on alcohol for human consumption. GST will be a game changer. GST is nothing new, it's equivalent to state government's Value AddedTax (VAT) but with a wider (Nation Wide) base. With GST the tax base expected to be comprehensive, as virtually all goods and services will be taxable, with minimal exemptions.

How to create your Advisor?

Nov 09,2016

Unless you get real clarity on what for you are looking XYZ most probably you will land up in something as you come across most attractive ad or profit story. You will be victim of herd mentality which closely influenced by regency bias. most attractive ad or profit story.
People get confusion over financial planner/Advisor with stockbroker, Insurance Agent, wealth Manager, Chartered Accountants and so many others as everyone in a way or other offer services related to personal financial matters. so many others as everyone in a way or other offer services related to personal financial matters. Tied Agent or Service Provider itself

Consequence of Intestate Inheritance

Nov 09,2016

WILL is one of the effective tools in Estate planning. The primary goal of Estate Planning is to ensure that your legacy passes to your intended beneficiaries. WILL is a legal declaration of a Testator's (person who is making the will) intention with respect to his property, which he desires to be carried into effect only after his death.