We Care Your's Financial Future

We are here to help you to optimise your financial resources. We have rich experience in catering to the needs of professionals like you. Our approach is very simple. We formulate tailor made solutions and strategies through a scientific process called financial planning. We enjoy an industry best customer retention rate of 80% and work 24/7 to get it even better. We service clients across boundaries with the help of cutting edge technology.

Credentials about Our Chief Financial Advisor

Abubakr Siddique, a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (RiA) having 12+ years of experience in entire sphere of financial services. Equipped with Masters in Psychology and Certification in Financial Planning (CFP), his expertise is in understanding people and their money behaviour.

Customer Feedback

As a parent of a child with special needs we were worried about our child's safety and future needs. We were introduced to Abu a well-wisher. Abu's invaluable counseling and guidance made us feel secured & relaxed. We were comfortable to communicate freely all about our personal things as well, which impacted tremendously on our financial health (which we never shared even with our relatives and friends). Now we can confidently tell that things are well planned and moving on right track to achieve the goal.

Rajesh Rajagopal, CEO,

Cadwina Healthcare LLP, India

We very busy with my professional work environment running to hospital and back home managing my personal finances took a back seat. Allocated time for interation with Abu, realised the ares I have been ignorning and the discussion helped me to assess my present financial situation and gave a very good insight what it ought to be and action items were mutually discussed and agreed upon to revamp it completely. Wow time worth invested. Thanks Abu / Wealth Traits

Prassanna, President & CEO,

Maven Healthcare Consulting Inc, New York

We are absolutely delighted with your excellent service, Your professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect. We gladly recommend your services whenever possible. Saravanane Pooblaane, Senior Scientist - Merck, Singapore

Saravanane Poobalane, Senior Scientist,

Merck & Co., Inc, Singapore

Our Specialization

Financial Planning for Doctors

You are in a Noble profession. You trade your time to ease people from pain and suffering. In that process you are forced to compromise by not spending enough time on your finances and financial future.We completely understand your profession, your needs.

Financial Planning for Single Parents

We understand the precarious position of single parenthood. We appreciate their need for a trusted adviser who could primarily take care of their / children or dependents wellbeing. We help them prioritize their needs, protect and safeguard their assets, wealth and draw.

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